Impressive Faith

One of my co-workers has impressive faith. A few weeks ago she left a friend’s house (new ager) and felt she needed to pray for them. She turned the car around and asked to pray for them.

By the end of the prayer they were all crying. There were deep uncertainties in their lives and they were wondering about this whole god thing. They hadn’t acknowledged it on the surface yet but they realized it was there for a while.

Would you do that? I know I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t even say outloud that it crossed my mind for fear of being held accountable to the impressions of the Father in my heart.

“Lord open my heart.” How do you live? Do you listen or do you fear being embarrassed like me?


~ by curtismchale on December 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Impressive Faith”

  1. hello…remember me? Lost your blog link when I quit blogging for 4-6 months…am back and have a new blog…good to see you blogging still…putting you on the case you forgot me I used to run AO1 blog

  2. Yes she does…we both took a long break…now I am back and working hard on blogging and writing for a living/ministry..things are getting better slowly…we look to the new year as a year of jubilee

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