It’s been a while since I posted (wonder if anyone will still read this). Thanks for those who emailed me. I am great working a new job (Insight for Living Canada as a web designer) and attending a wonderful church.

This post has been sparked by my new job. I will readily admit that spiritual discipline has always been a hard thing for me. I can discipline myself to exercise (I ride at least 100k a week on my bike and whitewater kayak 3 days) and have disciplined myself to learn web design over the last few years. But discipline myself to pray or read the Bible, no way!

I often soothe myself with the thought that lots of people are like me and it’s not like I beat my wife or watch dirty movies. I’m a nice guy. I’m the guy you call at the last minute to help you move because everyone else didn’t show up. I’m the guy you call when your car breaks down and you need me to drive 3 hours each way to get you. But nice guy doesn’t cut it in spiritual food.

As stated in the intro here I now work for a christian minsitry. We are the Canadian branch of Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll’s ministry). Obviously I get lots of interaction with Christians but what has had the biggest impact on my faith is the daily prayer time. I have especially loved hearing the other men I work with bring their broken hearts to the table and be vulnerable. Men you know what I am talking about. We pray every morning, and read a devotional (of course it’s written by Chuck).

This routine has really helped enforce in me the need to have one of my own (and one with my wife and I). I can’t say that I get it all the time but I’m working on it.


~ by curtismchale on August 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Discipline”

  1. Just letting you know that the answer is “yes,” someone is still reading. :o)

  2. Double “yes” to that one.

    It’s nice to hear that someone else struggles with disciplining themselves to read the Bible. Keep the faith.


  3. triple yes…you most likely are getting more Bible in a week then I am a month right now…real hard times for me

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