Is God Done with the Church?

God’s plan for believers in this world is the church. The church is the place in which we are supposed to fellowship. In the church we are supposed to live our lives and learn how to live them for Christ. I firmly believe that the church is supposed to be for Christians today. What I am not sure about is what Christians have made of the church.

What is the Church

When I say the word church what is it that you think? For most of my life I thought of the building that my church inhabited. For most of my life I was taught that the building was the church. But you know what it isn’t. I know that many of you have heard this by now, but the church is the people. The building is not the church. With this freeing realization we are free to cast off the building that has always been the focus of our attention.

Casting off the Building

What things come with a building? A place to meet, a place to hold events. With a building comes a place to store your stuff, a place to keep your expensive stuff safe from thievery. But that is not it, with a building you also get bills. You have to pay a mortgage, hydro, heat… You have all that money sucked up into maintaining this massive building. With a building many people also feel that the building always has to be full. Each night has to be full of events, no idleness is allowed. The church I currently attend has no building and no plans to get a building so they are free of all of those bills and that need to fill the building with people to define success.

Happily Sitting in a Rented Space

As I have said my church sits in a rented space. We happily go out and involve ourselves in the community as our church activities. We don’t have everything in the building we go out. Outside of Sunday morning and Christmas eve services we don’t use the building on a regular basis. Our pastor shares an office space with another church. If you asked him he would probably say that having another pastor not emotionally involved in our politics as a sounding board is amazing. So I am happy with no building.


~ by curtismchale on January 28, 2008.

8 Responses to “Is God Done with the Church?”

  1. right on man…a church without walls gets more done

  2. As I said it gets you in the community instead of inside the safe walls.

  3. btw…congrads on winning your AO1 Award

  4. no posts in a while just checking in to see if all is well

  5. back again checking on ya…AO1 is down now…to contact me send an email

  6. Good point. I think we (Christians) have got to a point where we are so involved in how the world is doing things. When I think about how Jesus lived and worked I think to my self THATS HOW IT OUGHT TO BE. They read and discussed in the synagog and had sermons on the mounts, in the olive groves and near the sea, it was simpler back then, No powerpoint presentations of corporate like service that seem stale, just people truly listening and open to the word. I think we need that again (no buildings)

  7. Great post! I think somewhere in history it all went wrong and christianity became something Jesus never intended it to become. I love the idea of meeting together in a house, random meeting place, etc. That’s the church. The unified body of people is the church.

  8. Agreed. The “Church” is where the people gather. God will never be done with the “Church” but the institutions that we identify with it now? Totally negotiable.
    We don’t have a building either and intend to not have one. We like having nothing to point at except our lives to say, “That’s a cool church.” Then if it isn’t cool, we know it’s not the buildings fault. [Understand that ‘cool’ is not meant to be taken superficially…]
    We like to say that we are the kind of church you are, not that you have. People really resonate with that.

    I like your point about scheduling. A 7-day a week church, which we seek to be, isn’t about getting them in the building 7-days a week, but living their faith 7 days a week. Nice. Thank you. But if you do have that building, don’t you almost have to find ways to ‘get people there all the time’ to be a decent steward of the bricks and mortar?!?!
    I think having a building should be the exception that few churches reach, not the norm that most churches assume.

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