Living up to Your Name?

When we are born we are given a name. Some of our parents thought long and hard to give us a name. Some of them didn’t think about it and just blurted it out when we were born. Some were named by a nurse or doctor or some other person that was around at the birth. My name is Curtis. It mean Courteous one. The verse that is supposed to go with my name is Micah 6:8a which says, “O man he has shown you what is good.”

I have a name. It means something. Do I actually live up to what my name means? More often than not I probably don’t live up to being a courteous man who shows others how to act in a good way. My question to you today is what does your name mean and do you live up to it?

~ by curtismchale on January 22, 2008.

11 Responses to “Living up to Your Name?”

  1. Very interesting post. I stumbled on it while using WordPress’s tag surfer. I’m not sure what my name means, but it would be interesting to look up.

  2. hello! i luv your site, and I’m glad to meet another Christian blogger! stop by mine @
    Keep in the Faith!!

  3. Good question. My name is Joram and it means “The Lord (or Jehovah/Yahweh) is exalted.” It’s a tough meaning to live up to, and, unfortunately, I rarely make the grade.

    Cool blog…

  4. my names means healer

  5. Jason:

    You never said if you feel you live up to the meaing.


    As I sad sadly I don’t live up to my name as often as I want.

  6. I believe my name (Cherith) means Cherished One and I’m not sure how I would live up to that meaning.

  7. gothiquefae:

    Yeah that one is hard. Do you cherish those around you?

  8. My name is Michelle – God-like or messenger of God. But if you couple it with my first name, Jacque, then you get deceitful, you know, like Jacob was deceitful. I don’t think my parents thought that one through at all. Deceitful messenger of God. It’s not EVEN funny! 😉

    I thought you were going on to make the point of how God lives up to His names. That’s an excellent study – maybe I’ll blog about it. Thanks!

  9. I know that as your Mom I am somewhat prejudiced, but let me share what I think about whether you live up to your name. From the time you were just a little boy you have always had a kind and tender heart. You used to make a beeline to the nearest elderly person sitting on a bench at the mall and engage them in conversation – much to their delight. I have rarely seen you be deliberately and intentionally cruel or unkind. You have been a great blessing in our lives. I am so thankful that God gifted you to us to care for, for a little while until you grew up to be the amazing man you are.

  10. Someone asked G-d’s son who he was He replied “I am come in my Father’s name” John 5:43. Well since his Father’s name was Yah Psalm 68:4 – Yah meaning I am, and G-d’s son came for our Salvation, hence his name means “I am Salvation” So the words “Yahsha / Yahshua” are his name & his Fathers’s name & and his job function. So he was definitely living up to his name, but more importantly his Father’s name.
    Hallowed be thy name.
    “HalleluYah ……. Praise be unto Yah”

  11. Jason, you never gave your name’s meaning … it means “healer”. That’s a good one.

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