Radical Jesus 3: Radical Today

So in the last post we looked at the real message that Jesus was preaching to his time. He was not preaching a cleaned up message that made his contemporaries comfortable. He preached a message that was radical to his time. He challenged people and called them on their crap. He did not pull his punches but laid people out when they needed it. At the same time he presented love to all.

Why is it now that we like to hear messages from our preachers that make us feel good and comfortable? Why is it that we often shy away from any type of challenge in our life? The message that Jesus preached was a challenge to the way of thinking at the time. He called people to action, in a way that they had not thought of before.

Rob Bell says in Velvet Elvis:

“The intent then of a rabbi having a yoke wasn’t just to interpret the words correctly; it was to live them out. In the Jewish context, action was always the goal. It still is. (Bell 47)”

What action is God calling you to today? Are you ignoring those in your midst that need help because they are outside of your comfort zone? Do you walk by the needy on the street and ignore the need presented right in your face? What radical message do you preach today? If Jesus came was on the earth today would he be preaching a message that liberated you or condemned the practices that you are a part of? I think for myself He all to often would be preaching against the life that I live.


~ by curtismchale on January 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Radical Jesus 3: Radical Today”

  1. Curtis,

    I think you’ve come awful close to understanding what God does want from us.

    Total obedience. To quit walking through life afraid to sin, being afraid of messing up. Instead to walk after our father much like a child walks after their father. To know that He is in control and we have to give up everything that we are convicted about.

    God is the authority, we tend to try and bend the “rules” and ask forgiveness rather than permission.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog for future reference. If you want, you can check out some interesting topics I’ve posted:


    God Bless,

  2. Some people abuse the radical Jesus notion, and do wachy absurd things with the excuse that Jesus was a radical. Jesus was radical in his approach to fully do God’s will and be committed to faithfully serve, yes. But he was not a revolutionary trying to undermine religious or government authority. Being radical enough to step outside the comfort zone, good idea. Being basically an idiot because it draws attention to one’s self, bad idea. And let’s blame Jesus for it. Here’s what I REALLY think:

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