Painting and Spirituality

Over the Christmas holiday’s my wife decided to paint the house. As we were painting I was struck with the similarities between painting and the walk of the spiritual life.

  1. Time to Prep:

    It always takes longer to prep properly for the job than you think. For those who don’t know first you havecynthia prepping kitchen to wash the wall’s then fill all of the holes in the walls and then you should sand the area’s you filled and apply more fill where needed. Next you should put a small amount of paint on each fill area so that they get an extra coat of paint. Don’t let me forget taping off the areas touching the wall that you don’t want to get paint on, like the cabinets. You also need something to cover the floors, counters…

    Is this not like the spiritual walk? Each of us lives in the world, despite the fact that we are not of the world. We each live with our own sinful nature and the struggles that come from it. Each of us will encounter tough times in life. Without adequate prep work in our spiritual lives we will not be ready to face these things as they come up. We need to be aware of the places in our life that are vulnerable to the mess of sin and work to cover them, for protection not to hide, appropriately.

  2. Careful Now:

    I live in a finished house, although I suppose no one moves into a house that is just framed. Since my house is finished I have to paint around the kitchen cabinets, over the flooring, and next to the ceiling. If I get paint on these things it looks bad. I have to paint slowly and with care to ensure that I am doing a job that yields good quality and little mess. I carry a damp rag because I know that things will drip despite my best intentions. When this happens I make sure to wipe it up right away to ensure that it does not dry and get stuck.

    As stated above, we live in a fallen world. Despite our best prep for living in this world there will be times when the sinfulness of it invades our life. Sinfulness will manage to get around all of the barriers we set up to protect ourselves. At times like this we need to take out that rag and deal with the problem immediately. If we leave it in our lives for a time it is so much harder to clean up. It will have dried and be stuck much more firmly in our hearts.

  3. Keeping our tools ready:

    So now we have painted but we have to make sure our tools are ready for the next round. In painting this means meticulous cleaning of everything you have just used. For those of us without a deep laundry sink that means also carefully cleaning the area surrounding the sink after as well.painting tools

    In our spiritual life we are faced with many different battles and struggles in life. The prep work we have done for ourselves sets us in good stead to fight these battles but we must remember after each victory to go back and make sure that out tools are ready for the next time they are needed. We must ensure that we still know where our Bible is. We must ensure that we read it to stay close to God. We must continue the vigilance of prayer.


~ by curtismchale on January 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Painting and Spirituality”

  1. Hey, thanks for this blog. It’s good to see there are other Christians out there who think.

  2. No problem. Check out some of the links on my sidebar to see other Christian’s who think.

  3. I really like the way you wrote this. How true of the Spiritual life. I would love to cut and paste this to my message board as I think it has very valuable information

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