Response to: Happy Atheism

Yesterday I reposted a post from Kevin Parry over at Memoirs of an Ex-Christian. Today I will answer the points made their.

  1. The big answers about life require struggle: While Jon is asserting that atheists have to work for the answers to life’s big questions while theists have the answers handed to them with little thought required on their part. Yes the Bible does provide lots of answers to life’s questions for the Christian, but try and be a Christian in our current society and see how much thought has to go into it. We are consistently challenged on all sides and have to think hard to come up with valid answers that defend faith in the midst of our secular, scientific world.
  2. We are intricately part of the natrual world: The point made here is the since atheists do not believe that they are created special and set apart from the natural world they share a deeper connection with it and therefore care for it more. I think that God has put us in charge of taking care of His creation and therefore we should care for it as we care for Him, or ourselves. I do not believe that being created specially by God makes a person less likely to care for the natural world around them. Temperment and up-bringing have much more to do with that then our created state.
  3. A love for critical thought and skepticism: Here faith is equated with blindness. The state of one’s belief in God would have very little to do with them getting ‘taken’ in some sort of email scandal. It would not surprise me to view a study that showed there was no difference in the beliefs of those who have been taken in these types of things. This point is based more on the personal observation, biased no matter who you are, of the author not any hard evidence, like the sciene Voisey lauds as the basis for all rational decisions.
  4. Optimism: I had a long answer to this point but I think that Drew said it best so I will reproduce it here: Liberation theologians clearly have a different picture of this. Also, Christ did not preach damnation of the non-believers. Probably one of the greatest symptoms of evangelical Calvinism is this view of reality. Remember that we are not perfect as Christians and are victims of our own faulty logic at times. Some of the view of Calvinism are an example of that.
  5. Claiming ownership of one’s own life: You know that sometimes I sleep in on Sunday’s too. I am sure that many Christians do. This is not the priviledge of an atheist. I don’t feel guilty about it either. I go to church to have my spirit feed from the word not to earn some invisible point with the guy upstairs. Really we can’t earn enough points ever that is why Jesus came for us. As stated in the comments from the last post all we have to do to gain salvation is accept Christ as Lord. After that it is up to us how we let is show in our lives. Some of us let it show better than others.

Ultimately this list does not represent an correct understanding of faith in Christ and the outworking of that in a person’s life. As Kevin acknowledges at the bottom of his post These are positive values, and I subscribe to these, but I think some atheists mistakenly believe that these values are unique to atheism. I know they are not, as I personally know theists who subscribe to many of these as well. However, I wonder if intellectual atheism at least encourages these values. I am not sure I agree that intellectual atheism encourages these values better than Christianity but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think that is worth arguing.


~ by curtismchale on January 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “Response to: Happy Atheism”

  1. Hello –

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. While I definitely agree with what you said, I believe that it is a Christian’s responsibility to “speak” from the word of God with truth, which is all I attempted to do here. If, as you say the Gospel offends, then who are we to lessen that truth? I do not believe that an unbeliever (they call themselves atheists) would be offended by what I said here. If that is the case then it only furthers the fact that they know the truth and are trying in their way to deny it.

    In Christ alone, through faith alone,


  2. […] will post the list for your reading I would love to hear you thoughts on the list. Tomorrow I will post my own thoughts regarding each point. It is worth noting that at the bottom Kevin does provide a […]

  3. […] Over at Struggles With Faith, Curtis has posted a sort of dialogue between some atheists and himself.  I appreciate Curtis’s goodwill and courtesty toward nonbelievers and his open and honest […]

  4. Curtis, you’ve done a good job with your answers. I appreciate your effort to maintain a dialogue witn non-Christians. I think Jesus used the same approach Himself when dealing with people.

    I do have to say that I take exception to #4. Jesus talking about hell and about the “weeping and gnashing of teeth” that occurs there. What else could God do with those who admantly reject Him–force them to embrace Him? I respect Christians who don’t believe in the eternal damnation of the lost, but I think they are in error.

  5. Bottom line… Atheists think Christians are nuts!

  6. Thank you for referencing my blog. This is a great rebuttal of Jon’s (and my) post. Do you mind if I provide a link to this article in my original post?

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