Selfish Worship

Generally when I go to church I am not one that is looking for an amazing worship time. Not that I don’t enjoy worship it is just that I do not need a new emotional connection with God each Sunday to keep going through my week. Really I go to hear a sermon with some meat.

Today as I participated in worship I was struck by the fact that all of the songs we were singing dealt with what God could do for us. Now let me say I believe in asking God for healing, help, forgiveness… but I don’t think that we should always be just asking for things from God. Shouldn’t we also be telling God how good He is to us? Or the things that we honour Him for? Even maybe telling Him what we will be doing to further His Kingdom?

Now I know that we are not really barganing with God, as we tell Him what we will do for him, but how about some theological meat in our songs. Let’s not just work on what God can do for us but let’s also look at the rest of the picture. We are already a culture that just consumes and wants more. Why let it penetrate our worship?


~ by curtismchale on December 30, 2007.

6 Responses to “Selfish Worship”

  1. If you have a pastor, somebody – you- have to correct him. He is responsible for the food of his congregation. Or are you just typical endtimes churchgoers, lovers of money, lovers of themselves, the love of which has turned cold… fooled by deception , unable to hear sound doctrines, preacher , who tickle the ears…

    I myself I am a child of God, I do not go to church, because my Father has no more house – the temple in Jerusalem has been destroyed in 70 AC- and children do not sing songs unto their fathers, when they want to show their love.
    As the scripture says, Jesus will abide IN us,when we abide in him.
    If so, it is weird to approach the indwelling spirit on a Sunday morning from outside under the leadership of a music-team which has chosen songs, that do not express, what I want to say/sing to my father…
    Maybe it will be helpfull to reread your bible and to ask Jesus, how he wants us to behave towards him.
    Jesus wants a living relationship not a religious death cult

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Sometimes I get so distracted listening to certain songs in church that are ‘me’ focused. Worship is NOT about us! I hate sermons and theologies based on ‘me’ too. Seek ye first the kingdom of God…anything else is gravy.

  3. Part of the reason my husband and I returned to a traditional church is that our “interdenominational” (read: charismatics who don’t want to use labels) brethren were not really worshiping as much as requesting favor during worship time. Like you, we came to the place where we just didn’t need that emotional “fix” from worship; although I have to admit, when we were younger, we really were looking for experience (and not necessarily God, I’m sorry to admit). I’m glad for God’s patience and generosity, because it took me awhile to get what it was about.

    Keep on posting; I love your blog.

  4. Missy and Eve:

    Thanks for the comments. It seems to me, now sitting here thinking, that this is a part of our culture of instant gratification. If we aren’t gratified in church then why do we go? I suppose I have learned to wait and thus find the need for emotional gratification small.

  5. as an poet I could not agree more…good post

  6. I seldom ask him for much, when i do, i usually pray for those i know and that are close to me. I don’t believe that we can ever bargain with God, sure he keeps his promises but i don’t think we can always keep our word, more importantly i don’t think he needs us to believe in him.

    What i don’t do often enough is thank him for all that he has given us, like the very air that we breathe.

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