I want stuff for Christmas.

As we approach the Christmas season I sit here and think about the list I have provided for my wife. This list contains all of the stuff that I want to have for Christmas. Honestly being a computer geek it does not even include some of the expensive things that I want. I look through my list and see nothing that benefits anyone but me, my wife really would only watch the movies I asked for because she loves me. It is a list of things that I want for my personal enjoyment.

That is a sad statement about myself. I am not looking out for others with the gifts I have. I have no plans to go serve the community over my 3 weeks off from work. I plan to relax and take time for myself. Yes I am married but we have no children and no family on this side of the country. I really have no social commitments except to my wife. So both my wife and I choose to spend out time with each other, which is good for our marriage, but by that we also choose not to spend time helping our community. We choose to spend out money on the joy of each other not to send it out in our community. Would our marriage benefit more from giving our time together to the community?

So how does my Christmas show God’s love to anyone? I guess it doesn’t. How many other Christians are missing the point like me? Is there a correlation between what we support with our money and our spirituality? Check out buy nothing Christmas for a different view on how to live our holidays.


~ by curtismchale on December 13, 2007.

One Response to “I want stuff for Christmas.”

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