Why Read if we don’t act?

A while ago I wrote about spending quiet time with God. I also updated on my progress. I am still fighting what seems to be an uphill battle with spending time on a regular basis reading God’s word and looking for His insight into my life. What I have been wondering of late is…If I just read and doVelvet Elvis Book Cover not act what difference does my reading make? Would God rather have me read and not act or act and not read? Reading Velvet Elvis brought this thought into my mind. Rob Bell said:

“The intent then of a rabbi having a yoke wasn’t just to interpret the words correctly; it was to live them out. In the Jewish context, action was always the goal. It still is. (Bell 47)”

Jesus was a Rabbi. He called to people and told them that he thought they could live the life that he was. He called the disciples out of their vocations and into a new vocation. He called them into action. He did not call them just to listen and relate the knowledge, he called them into a new life.

So what action does your daily devotional life cause in your life? If it causes none then why are you reading? I think that God would rather have us act in a way that would make Him proud and spend less time in His word.


~ by curtismchale on December 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “Why Read if we don’t act?”

  1. I do believe that we are called to act. I also believe that out of the true reading of his word comes action. How can you read the word and not be lead to move? I don’t think it’s a rather but a AND.

  2. realworldmartha:

    I do think that people read the word all the time and are not brought to action. They are reading with a hard heart and thus the word it hitting a brick wall inside them. If they do not let it penetrait thier hearts then no action will come of the reading.

  3. Thus comes in prayer. But I still believe that many don’t read.

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