The Greatest thing the Devil has done.

What do you think is the greatest accomplishment of the Devil? Some may think instantly of the atrocities performed by Hitler. Some may look to the starving in Africa. Some in Canada may say that the approval of homosexual marriage. Honestly I don’t think that any of these are the Devil’s greatest accomplishments. As it is said by Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing people he didn’t exist.

Well what do you think? Is that the greatest accomplishment of the Devil or is there something more dangerous to Christians than complacency?


~ by curtismchale on November 20, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Greatest thing the Devil has done.”

  1. that’s a big one but i think getting us to be independent and self-reliant is also big. “we don’t need god for this one” is how we proceed.

    christ never acted independently of the father.

  2. Hi..Thank you for your recent comment on my lighthouse picture. That was taken in St. Augustine, Florida. I, too, do not always remember to keep looking to God for direction. I think He calls me back when I begin to get off track. I then have to decide if I am going to listen and obey.
    As for complacency–I have two friends who are atheists. Not believing in God, which in turn would probably mean that they don’t believe in the Devil, either, is a very dangerous position to take. I am hoping to make a difference in these two friends lives.

  3. To disbelieve in the devil is indirectly to disbelieve in God, who made him and whom he wars against.

    To disbelieve in the devil means that I don’t recognize temptation for what it is and just give in to it.

    To disbelieve in the devil means that I either discount evil or attribute it to God, both of which are very dangerous ideas.

  4. I honestly don’t see how allowing two people who love each other to marry is anything the devil could accomplish. Allowing the freedom to love is simply an act on correct, proper, and just moral values.
    Did you know the homosexuality is hereditary, and that it runs in families? Put simply; if you’re gay, bi, or straight…you’re the way God made you.

    Other than that, I think the greatest thing the devil has done, if you want to refer it as “great” (though I’m not sure why), is that he’s spoken to us, and made his presence known within the past 2,000 years. He makes it appear as though he’ll be there when God “ignores us”. The devil manipulates, and he does it well.

  5. I so agree with Sammy. 🙂 Also, your interpretation of sin depends on how you view things so we may see the ways of the devil in different perspectives. Anyway, the point is that we see and acknowledge the devil’s presence because it is when we acknowledge something that we act upon it. And I do hope all of us get to find ways on how we can resist temptation. 🙂

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