Fight Club Church.

I have spoken about my enjoyment of the movie Fight Club in a previous post. While reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell I came across a quote:

“I am learning that the church is at its best when it is underground, subversive, and contercultural. It is quiet, humbe, stealth acts that change things.” (Bell 168)

While reading this sentence the first thing that popped into my mind was the acts of cultural destruction that the men of Fight Club took part in. For those who haven’t watched the movie, the men of this group take part in destructive tasks aimed at altering the status quo perception of wealth. They feed pidgeons on top of a BMW dealer so in the morning all of the cars are covered in excriment. They recover a billboard that indicates the Environmental Protection Agency wants people to fertilize their lawns with used motor oil. They destroy corporate art. Their ultimate act is to bomb major financial institutions to the effect of freeing everyone from debt. They are an undergroud counter-cultural force working to change people’s perceptions regarding the consumerism of our time.

I think that Rob Bell is telling us here that we need to live our lives in a way that is so contrary to the way the world lives that people can’t help but ask what it is that we have that they are missing.

So how do we accomplish this type of living? Really I can only speak to how I work to live this life. The one thing that I have started with is learning not to speak so quickly. For me when I have not stopped and thought for a bit I find that I say things that I would not say if Christ were beside me. I hope that by giving this extra time of thought to my interactions with people I will portray love that is not from me. Writing this now it does not seem like much but for me I hope it is a start.

Others things that I sit here and think of is what I have heard called Random Acts of Kindness. I have had friends who have gone into truck stops and offered to clean bathrooms. They don’t actually say anything about being Christians unless someone asks. Even when asked why they want to do this they just say that they thought it would be a nice thing to do. Many, but not all, times someone does really grill them on why they are doing this and what to they get out of it. This intense curiosity allows them to have unique opportunities to present a real Christian living and authentic Christian life. Lets try to live authentic Christian lives this week.


~ by curtismchale on November 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “Fight Club Church.”

  1. I agree. Christianity was never meant to be this corporate monster that it has become! It was never meant to be a “marketing segment”. It was always something underground…

    I resolve: (as an act of kindness) to help people who are on the side of the road. I do enough traveling that this is a reality!

  2. I have found that the key to being subversive is finding one’s way to love in the midst of suffering. To do so is clearly contrary to the world. And this is the true subversive power of the cross that emanates through Jesus’ ministry. To be not of the world is to love as Christ loves the church. That is the radical nature of the Gospel. A theology that does not start with the cross and end with it likely misses the Good News altogether.

  3. Joyful: I have stopped to help someone change a tire and they have looked at me like I am from another planet. It feels good to help though.

  4. I am a fan of Rob Bell also– He has grown a culture of simple profound beautiful truth in Christ–Thanks for being one of the few who understand “authentic christian life” God Bless

  5. i really enjoyed this perspective. thanks for the insight. i’ve been trying to kick start this lifestyle lately… it feels like following Jesus. so lets keep it up.


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