Girl on the Streets

I came across a very neat article from a woman on the street in downtown Vancouver. The article was prompted by the Pickton trial up here in Canada. A very cool article that talks about what made the differenc in this lady’s life so that she got off the street.


~ by curtismchale on November 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “Girl on the Streets”

  1. Amazing read.

  2. Excellent read.

  3. I hate to write this on this particular thread, but I am tagging you. To find out what I’m tagging you for, click on my name and read my post called “Silly Blogosphere Game.”

  4. Terrific article, I’ve been reading Trisha Baptie’s coverage over at Orato dot com She is truly an amazing person and offers a lot of wisdom and hope for people struggling on the streets.
    She’s just wonderful. So glad you think so too. Cheers!

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