How do you paint the Picture of Christians?

Many of you reading this are Christians. Are any of you painters, even in hobby? Although you may not paint on canvas for art sake I would contend that we are all painters. Each and every day we are adding layers of paint to people’s ideas of what a Christian is.

In his book Velvet Elvis Rob Bell has this to say:

“For many people the word Christian conjures up all sorts of images that have nothing to do with who Jesus is and how he taught us to live” (Bell, 12).

I am sure, even Christians, here the word ‘Christian; and on some level want to distance ourselves from the word. We have images of what a Christian is in our minds and we don’t like it. I often think of the religiously fanatic Christian. The one you read about in the news and cringe, like Westboro Baptist Church. There is a van down the road from me that reminds me of this. It has signs all over it preaching against abortion, homosexuality, extra-martial sex, among other things. I look at that and want to rip all the signs off and scold the person for associating Christians with that message.

What does the woman who was raped and aborted the child think of that message? Do you think that she feels the overwhelming love of God for her hurt? Do you think that the homosexual person feels the love of Christ? I don’t think that anyone feels love coming from that van. I don’t feel any love coming from that van and I don’t really disagree with any of the underlying principles that it stands for.

So what picture do you paint of Christians? Do you paint one of love or of legalistic hate? Do you paint one of acceptance while you are still in sin? Do you ask people to be sinless before they are worth your love?

I am sure that at times each of us reinforces the negative view of Christians that seems to be prevalent, at least in the Canadian society. I know that I have, inadvertently. I feel I a post I made a while ago regarding homosexuality helped reinforce the negative view of Christians of at least one reader, read the comments to see how. We don’t really mean to but sometimes we do reinforce this idea of legalistic hate.

This week I challenge you to reinforce a positive ideal of Christians. Maybe even skip church this week to go into you city and give a person a positive view of Christians. Spend some time talking to a homeless person. Give up something you want and give the money to a mission group and then go help them. Actually be present in the mission don’t just send the money. So let’s see how we can change the painting that many people are seeing of Christians.


~ by curtismchale on November 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “How do you paint the Picture of Christians?”

  1. I love your blog. The layout, photography and posts are really good. Keep up the awesome work.

    Eugene from LwC

  2. Very well said. I wish that was taught more in Chruch.

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