Check Up. Who are you Spending Time with?

Bible PictureA while ago I posted Slowing Down Quiet Time With God, and today is check up day.

Did anyone actually start spending some more time with God daily? After you read the blog did you really come up with some new ways to put time aside for you devotions and meditation on the Word? I know that I have only been marginally successful, although the fact that I posted it acted somewhat like an accountability partner. I knew at some point I would have to sit down and write a post that was similar. So here is an update on the things that I have been trying to do to make myself spend more time with God.


  • I told my wife. Now I have a real person I know for accountability
  • I offered to get up with the dog. This way I am up earlier each morning by myself and can read
  • I unplug the internet. We all know that we look at it too much anyway

That is my short list of things that have helped a bit. I admit that I don’t always get up with the dog or unplug the internet. Some mornings I surf instead of read. But I am doing better. How about you. Do you have any solutions that have helped you spend time with God on a regular basis. I would love to hear about them.


~ by curtismchale on November 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Check Up. Who are you Spending Time with?”

  1. I set up a prayer ‘area’ right next to my side of the bed. That way, as I get into bed each night I look right at it and remember to kneel down and pray. This isn’t to say I’m 100%, some nights I just rebel and get into bed without stopping, but it has helped tremendously!!

    I am still struggling with a Bible study time, since I prefer to do this in the morning but am NOT a morning person and end up wimping out most of the time and just watching tv or surfing the net while I drink my coffee. I am really hoping to conquer this area soon because it is AMAZING how differently my day goes when I do a devotional in the morning!

  2. I am a morning person. 5am no problem. That is why I pick the morning. My wife is a night person so she works on the night.

  3. […] we don’t act? A while ago I wrote about spending quiet time with God. I also updated on my progress. I am still fighting what seems to be an uphill battle with spending time on a regular basis reading […]

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