I love the World! Don’t you?

While sitting here surfing the internet and listening to music a Keith Green song popped up on iTunes. It is called You Love The World.

If you have it take the time to listen to the song. Who do you love. I know that I would say I love my wife and my family and the Sunday School answer of ‘Jesus’ but what do my actions show I love?

Really I bet my actions would show that I love the world and am avoiding God. As I think through my day I participated in conversation with a man a work that I don’t want Jesus to hear. I would not have talked about the same subjects around my wife. I used language that I would not use around my mother. If I would be unwilling to say some of these things around those two people dear to my heart should I have been participating in the conversation at all? We all know that answer to that question, Of course not!

So my conclusion is that my actions show that I love the world not Jesus. If you read my post about the Joy of Forgiveness you may also see a theme their that my actions don’t really reflect the love and respect towards the Lord that I have.

If I really loved the Lord with all my heart I would do all the things that I have mentioned before. I would wake up and live a life that would be so contrary to the world’s way of living that people could not help but ask why I acted as I do. Unfortunately I can’t remember the last time that someone asked why I live my life in the way I do. Maybe that is because I live it just like all the other people in the world. I don’t want to do that. I want to live my life as Jesus did. I want to live my life in such a way that people will be unable to contain themselves. They will have to know what I have that they don’t and they will want it with all of their hearts.


~ by curtismchale on October 26, 2007.

One Response to “I love the World! Don’t you?”

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