Who Cares about Forgiveness?

Who is thankful for the fact that they are saved. I know that most of you will just think “Yeah of course” in your head. I really want to know though. Did you wake up this morning and have awe in the fact that all the bad crap you did has been wiped away, even the stuff you did last night. You are a new creature. All you have to do is acknowledge Christ as Saviour to earn it.

I know that it is very rare that I truly acknowledge my forgiven state. Honestly as I write this I can’t think of a time recently that I have been in awe of the sacrifice that God made, through His Son, that has allowed me entrance into heaven. I am willing to bet that I am not alone in this realization.

So dream with me for a second as I imagine what a day like that would look like:

I would wake up in the morning, get down on my knees and be compelled to thank God for the forgiveness afforded me. When my wife is running late, like normal, I would not get impatient but try and help out. I would not really need to forgive her because I would take no offence in the first place. I would drive my wife to work, and not swear at the other drivers when I think they are driving bad. I may even stop to help that person who’s tire is flat. On days that I work I would not take offence to the co-worker who daily gets under my skin. I would realize that he is a fallen being who is unsaved and I would gladly forgive him. I would let my life speak my faith. My life would be so contrary to the world’s idea of living, that eventually he would be so curious that he needed to know why. Again on my drive home I would not get upset and swear at other drivers. Once I got home I would not be short with my wife when she wants help with dinner, when all I want to do is do my homework or relax. When she wanted my time, despite me wanting to do other things, I would gladly give it to her. At the very least I would not be short when I said that I had homework to do. When I went to bed I would again feel compelled to get on my knees and profess with all my heart the thankfulness I have for the forgiveness that I have received from God.

Overall I would be quick to forgive and have no thought that my pride was hurt. Often, I think that we take long to forgive because we feel that our pride was injured. Because of this we need to get some type of healing to our pride, taking the form of returning offence or making sure we get apology. I would remember that though I have hurt God many times with my stumbles He has never made sure he hurt me back before forgiving me. He forgives me before I ask, I just have to accept it through the apology.

If each of us could live one day like that in a month we would revolutionize the world.



~ by curtismchale on October 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “Who Cares about Forgiveness?”

  1. We definetely need to be restored to the wonder of God’s love and the salvation He has so freely given to us. It all starts first thing in the morning. If we allow God’s word to set the course for our day, we do go through it without offense, agitation, etc.Great peace have they that love thy law and nothing shall offend them! Psalms 119:165

  2. Excellent post man. thanks for the comments. It sounds like you and me share the same afflictions I blame those drivers but I need to chill. I agree our pride is hurt and we feel like we are owed something for that hurt. Man I can’t wait for that day but thanks for the reminder in the here and now.

  3. Excellent post.

  4. Good question to us all. I occasionally reflect upon what Jesus has done for me, but not as often as I should. I agree that we ought to be grateful every day and live accordingly. Lord, help us!

  5. Interesting post, and thank you for writing it. It’s thought provoking.

    I have a variety of thoughts on forgiveness that aren’t standard Christianity-type thoughts; at least, not standard, modern evangelical Christian perceptiosn of forgiveness. But they still make me think that, if I worked at forgiving others as I long to be forgiven myself, I would be a kinder me.

    What you wrote about your wife, and how you’d be more patient with her about her lateness, was a wonderful example. That’s just exactly what I mean. You inspire me to make a note to self to write about forgiveness sometimes. For me at my age in life, it is not what it was when I was 16 years old or 26 (or 36 or 46, yikes! LOL). It’s entirely differnt, and yet the result of experiencing it is exactly what you indicate: tolerance. Patience.

    Thanks again, you inspired me and made me sweeter this morning.

  6. […] conclusion is that my actions show that I love the world not Jesus. If you read my post about the Joy of Forgiveness you may also see a theme their that my actions don’t really reflect the love and respect […]

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