Christian Resources for Better Living

Today I decided to compile a few links that I have found useful in living my Christian life. Really I had planned the second part to the Men and Women not Equal but I have had not time so look for that next week. – Self-billed as the number one Christian porn site. This is a great site for men and women dealing with pornography addiction. They have a podcast and a fair bit of video available on the website. They also provide a free software that keeps track of the websites you go to and emails the results regularly to your accountability partners. – Contributed to by Dr. John MacKay a leading Creationist researcher. For those of us discussing evolution vs. creation with friends here are some resources for the discussion.

Memoirs of an Ex-Christian – Written by a man named Kevin Parry. This is his personal blog dealing with his problems with Christianity. If you read this use it as a platform to challenge your own thinking about Christianity. Please if you post there do it with love we do not need any heavy handed ‘Christianese’ because the readers of this blog are smart and may know more than most of us. Look for the link to recent articles in my side bar.

e-sword – Looking for a free Bible software look no further than e-sword. This is a very powerful software with multiple translations and lots of search functions. Some alternate translations of the Bible are available for free some cost a bit. – need to find the best price on a particular book. Bookfinder combs through many online stores and returns the prices for a particular book for you, often including shipping. A fast and cheaper way to enlarge your Christian book library.


~ by curtismchale on October 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “Christian Resources for Better Living”

  1. inresting links, never visited those website before

  2. Good list.

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  4. These are definitely worthwhile sites to visit! Also check out and for some really cool stuff!


  5. netbible is also a good site to use…wikipedia has been helpful in Church History matters for quick overview type research

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