Sick People Need Time Too

Take a minute and write down the people that you hang out with daily, weekly, and monthly. I don’t mean the people that you have to hang out with, like co-workers or other soccer parents, but those that you make a choice to hang out with. Now write down beside each one their religious stance. Are they Christians? Are they searching? Are they hostile to Christians? Count up how many people fall into each category.

I know that my list ends up with mostly non-Christians, some are hostile, some are indifferent very few are searching. Part of the reason that I end up with many non-Christians is that the sports I choose to participate in just happen to have no Christians that I know in them. The other part has to do with the fact that with the load of school I have I don’t have much time to get involved with the church. I have had the few Christians friends that I have do the same list. Many, but not all, of them came up with mostly Christians as the people that they choose to hang out with. While admittedly they attend a Christian college, I am not convinced that this is a good thing. If we are the messengers of Christ’s redeeming work for society should we not be bringing the message to those that do not have it? Did not Christ say:

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.” (Matthew 9:12 NIV)

If we spend most of our time insulated in the world of other Christians who are we taking the message too. In theory, the other Christians already have the message of the good news of Christ’s resurrection, they already have salvation! Jesus spent his time ministering to the sick (Matthew 4:24) should we not do the same?

Yes I know that we can’t heal as Jesus did, at least in North America, but that does not mean that we can’t affect another type of healing in a hurting person. We are perfectly capable of helping to affect emotional healing in a person. When I spent time with homeless people in downtown Toronto one of the best things you could do for them was just listen to whatever they wanted to say. The simple act of treating them as worth your time affected a change in how they held themselves. Seeing that once was worth all the cold nights I spent out there.

Though I wrote this a few weeks ago I post it now because of a real life event that spoke to me on Sunday. I was walking the dog with my wife. She went in to Tim Horton’s to get coffee. While outside with the dog a homeless teen came up asking for change. I use cards all the time so I had no change but I asked my wife to get him a coffee. The my wife and I spent about 10 minutes talking with him. As we left he said, “Thanks for talking.” That was it, he then turned around and asked for change from the next person entering the door. It was only ten minutes, in which I found out he was from Calgary and wished him a good night, he thanked me for the time. It cost me nothing but, I like to think, that he valued it more than the coffee.

So this week I challenge you to spend some of your time with a person in need. If you do not know anyone then work to find some. Make a strong effort to meet some people who are not Christians and who can benefit from your life example and the love you have through Jesus.


~ by curtismchale on October 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sick People Need Time Too”

  1. Excellent post. As for the challenge, I am doing just that with folks in our neighborhood.

  2. You know that most people write on what they are struggling with. It is a challenge for myself as well. I need to do more. That is only one success amidst many failures I have had.

  3. Great post Curtis. A couple of things… in looking at my list, because I run in music circles that are comprised of hippie-type, neo-folk, not-really-spiritual types, I would think most of them are non-practicing Christians. Good for me, I guess since I don’t view myself (nor do any Christians) as a Christian although I lead a pretty Christ-like life. Second thing… there is a pastor of a Methodist church down here in Houston who gets a minute or so on the local alternative rock station to give quick Lessons on Life as it is called. He once told a story about how a someone asked him why he chose the modern rock station to do go into this partnership with and his answer was he felt like that audience might be the ones who most needed to hear Jesus’ message. Doctoring to the sick, right.

  4. Jules thanks for stopping by again. Doctoring the sick is right. He followed his heart. Many pastors I know preach of the evil of those types of stations and would not be affiliated with them for that reason. He decided that he should be there. Good for him.

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