Response to the Jaded View of Church

I am writing in response to two comments made, for a previous post, by readers of the blog. The first was by bryan. It reads.

Churches are all inherently flawed. They are run by people, and people are selfish, prideful, arrogant, etc. My wife and I have been to many churches, so when we moved to our new town we just went to the church that was in walking distance. we offered to help – stack chairs serve breakfast, teach Sunday school, run the audio/video equipment, whatever. And we do all
of those things. I think it is more than just a coincidence that this church has turned out to be the most warm and loving community we have found. It has all of the same problems that all of the other churches have had, but we don’t have time to notice, because we are busy serving the people.

The second is by Kurt, who writes for AC 180.

Someone once said, and I paraphrase: “The church is not a museum for the righteous, it’s a hospital for the sick.” In that context, Bryan is right. If we are spending more time looking at our own flaws instead of taking everyone elses inventory, we have then placed ourselves in a position to be of service to God. That is the essential role of the church anyway. Thanks for dropping by AC 180. Don’t be a stranger.

Both of these comments are bang on the money. Churches and people are inherently flawed. I am selfish prideful and arrogant. Some may even see my original post as arrogant. I walked into a church and on day one started to make snap judgements about the place. I don’t know if someone had a bad day or if they had a good day. I suppose my underlying thought on the post was to try and gauge the overall mood of the church and decide if it would fit with me and my wife.

I love that bryan acknowledges, now that he found a church, that is probably wasn’t the church that was different but his attitude. Both of these guys have challenged me to change my attitude. It is very easy to just look at others flaws, I mean who wants to admit that they are wrong or have any problems. It is way easier to say that you left a church because of the worship or the pastor… Lets all try to own up to our part in the church and help make it a better place so that when people come on the first day they just know that something is different. Even if it takes them a while to realize what it is, they should just know that there is no infighting and petty crap going on. They should see that there is a vital community that just puts there heads down and serves God. They work out problems face to face and live a life that is different

Now time for a bit of a confession. NO this it was not a fake post, but I did write it about four weeks ago as I was still contemplating starting a blog. So really I already know more about the church. I do plan to stay and join. Stay tuned for more as I attend the church and try to live out the above challenges.


~ by curtismchale on October 4, 2007.

8 Responses to “Response to the Jaded View of Church”

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  2. I am impressed with your humility and your transparence on your blog. May I be able to respond to comments in a similar way.

    I’m happy you found a new church home. Do keep us posted about how things go.

  3. A wise friend of mine once said to me, “A person who lives his life without challenges, ain’t livin’.” Glad I was able to be of assistance in some way. Again, stop by my personal blogsite or , which is a men’s ministry blogsite.

  4. Sorry….it’s

  5. Hello Curtis.

    This is an important post–important to all of us, for our attitudes are so crucial. Many years ago I heard a sermon entitled, “Spirits Makes the Man.” I’ve never forgotten those words, and though I often fail, I try to guard my spirit.

    Thank you for this post.

    Shirley Buxton

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog, I enjoyed reading yours as well. I’m glad you found a church. My grandmother always said “I don’t care where or when you go to church, I just want you to go, hopefully at least once a week.”
    My struggle is more deep, how do I get people who I feel deep down believe the same thing as me, but are just interpreting it in a weird way to let us back into their lives.

  7. Nice blog title and subtitle. You must not be a boomer. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Thanks for the comment about fatherhood and blessing children.


  8. Thank for giving us such a mature and real article. Nice name as well. The experiment with truth is always tough but the matter is entirely depended on our work. If we determined and devoted to our faith and keep the belief in god’s will, it works. We will be waiting for your further posting.

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