Sexual Favour for a Place to Sleep? Wake up Churches!

I was just reading the national Canadian news on CBC online. There is an article about Fort McMurray that states:

“A survey by a homelessness committee found some teenagers in the booming city of Fort McMurray are resorting to prostitution in exchange for a bed or couch for the night.”

My question is where are the churches of Fort McMurray? I just googled ‘fort mcmurray churches’ and found a directory that lists 3 pages of churches in the city. Do any of these churches run a shelter for street kids? I certainly hope so.

Having worked with the homeless I realize that some will never take a free bed. They often feel like it is a violation of the hard won freedom they now have. How about the others though. These people that are offering sexual favours in return for a place to sleep obviously want a place to sleep. Why should they have to become prostitutes for it though? I certainly hope that some of the church leaders and attendees read this article and start to do something to fix the problem.


~ by curtismchale on September 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Sexual Favour for a Place to Sleep? Wake up Churches!”

  1. I often feel as you do. There should be at least an attempt by the churches to address these horrific situations. Thankfully my church is part of a interchurch ministry that does so in our communty.

  2. “be the change you want to see in the world/” – Gandhi

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