The first post – Why I started and some personal information

Here I am writing my first post. I sit infront of my computer and think of all the great things that I have been planning to write and draw a blank. I even think of the file I am already keeping of posts that I could write, some in fact are already written. There is even a post saved and intended to be the first post on the site.

I am a student at a Bible College in British Columbia. I am married and have a dog. I work 3+ days a week take full time classes and am currently working on my internship at a career counselling facility. So you may ask why I would want to take on another responsibility? Why would I commit to writing posts for a blog? It’s not like I will be posting about all of the cool things that happend to me so that my family can read it and keep up with me.

I will commit to writing this because I have thoughts to get off my chest. I have struggles with the current state of the Christianity that I live and see being lived around me. I don’t really know how to live out my Christian life each day. I really don’t like how I see other Christians living out their lives. I feel ashamed of the decisions I make, and of the ones I see made. I don’t like that there are so many taboo subjects in the church that are not talked about like porn, pre-marital sex, and homosexuality.

I hope to coherently approach these subjects, among others, and provide people with things to think about.


~ by curtismchale on September 27, 2007.

6 Responses to “The first post – Why I started and some personal information”

  1. Welcome to the blogging Universe! I am Tim Kurek, the Pastor (I hate using the title because I am just Tim) of Uriah Ministries. I too feel the angst you feel, watching as our church is made a mockery of, moreso even by the Christians themselves than the non-Christian critics. I would like to extend an offer of partnership. Anything you need, let me know and I will be there for you. We are brothers in this fight, you and I. And nice first blog by the way… I will be reading more!

    Your Friend,
    timothy kurek
    (Add me to your blogroll and I will link up to you.)

  2. thanks for the support.

  3. Hi Curtis… I offer a welcome to the Blogosphere as well. I’m not a Christian but feel a kinship in your writing. I’ll be stopping in from time to time to offer words of encouragement on your walk with Christ, get a little knowledge myself and perhaps offer a little insight from the views of a Deist. May your journey go well. Blessing, Julian

  4. Go for it, Curtis. You are chasing down important thoughts. It is a time of reinvention. I’ll keep reading. Peace!

  5. Noticed you popping in on some LWC blogs[my wifes included] and thought i would drop in and say hello. I have enjoyed what I have seen and read thus far and plan to add you to my blogroll. God Bless you on your journey with Him.

  6. it’s wnderful to know that you’re at least struggling. That’s better than just letting go right? i have some material you might like:

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